Welcome Home

  “When I’m with you, I am home.”

Hello and welcome to Lola’s Casa! I am Larraine Palesky, Owner and Designer of this lovely shoppe. I’m a creative with a passion for bringing people’s visions to life. I love making new memories with friends and family, reading, traveling, and most of all creating.

I recently finished serving 5 years in the military as an Army Engineer. In typical military fashion, we have lived in 5 states in the last 7 years!

It was due to our constant relocation, that creating a space that really feels like home became a true passion of mine. No matter where we live, as temporary as the space might be, I never want it to feel that way. I want it to feel like home; a place that we love and adore. Like most military families, we also constantly celebrate milestones, holidays and events with new friends and often away from family. Personalized event and home decor always felt more special than generic store bought items...and so in March 2015 Lola’s Casa was born.

Our mission is to bring people joy and inspire compassion, service and zest for life.

I hope Lola's Casa can bring each visitor and friend a sense of inspiration, compassion, and zest for life. My vision is to use this as a platform to give back to families in need. In the future, we would like to hire military spouses and also help alleviate the stresses that come with moving by offering affordable remote and in-person interior design and decorating services. Our goal is to bring people joy in their homes, and bring the vision of their dream home to life! Our values are nested in loyalty, compassion and service. Thank you for your support and help making our dreams come true.