6 Tips for Styling Your Living Room

Styling your living room in 6 easy steps

Our living room is the heart of our home.  We have two girls under three years old so we spend a lot of play time in here.   As of right now we don't have a dedicated play room so this is it.  I know it doesn't look like much of a playroom in this picture but that's because it's NEVER this clean!  Do you see those baskets in the corner?  They're being used to hide all of the toys!  They're not only pretty but extremely functional for us.  I splurged on Serena and Lily brand baskets which aren't cheap BUT they're amazing quality and a staple in our room.  For a more affordable storage basket option check these out that I also have from amazon here.  It was important to me to create a living room that was comfortable and spacious for us!  We got rid of our old ottoman when we got our new couch.  That gave us more carpet space which is important for our kids to have a place to sit and play.  Removing the ottoman/coffee table also just makes everything generally feel larger and less cluttered too.  It may be hard to tell from the photo, but this couch has extra deep cushions so we preferred comfortability there rather than using an ottoman.  We purchased this home last July and I've slowlyyy been designing each room to not only be aesthetically pleasing but work best for our family.  I think that's key to feeling at home -- make sure the space serves you and your loved ones the best it can!  I realize this will be different for everyone.


6 tips for styling your living room

  1. Invest in a quality sofa that last and seat your entire family plus a few guests comfortably! In my humble opinion, the first living room item you should buy is a big 'ol couch. The sofa makes or breaks the entire feel of your living room. Your sofa will be the most important furniture item in the room. Leaving extra room in the budget for your dream sofa is 100% worth it - I promise you will never regret spending the extra money on something you really love. 
  2. Add in an oversized rug that is at least 2 feet wider than your couch. You want all of your furniture to at least have their front feet on the rug while also remaining 10-20 inches away from the walls/baseboards. The exact rug size will depend on the size of your room. Using a larger rug will trick people into thinking the room is bigger...winner winner chicken dinner. ;)
  3. Accent with tables. Add in a side table or coffee table for the two C's: coffee and cocktails. The side table we have is an old one from Crate and Barrel. I've considered changing it out but what I do love about it is that it has a secret little hidden drawer on the front side where I hide our remotes!
  4. Choose a paint color AFTER you have all your furniture/accents in place. Too many people make the mistake of painting first and then purchasing furniture that simply camouflages into the wall color. Furniture is much more expensive than paint - so choose your favorite furniture pieces, artwork/accents and decorate first then paint last!! Paint color should be one of the last things you decide on.
  5. Curtains should be hung at least 4-6 inches above the window frame. If you don't have that much space go as high as you can! Hanging curtains high above the window frame will give the illusion that your ceiling is taller. Another trick for making your windows appear larger is to drill your curtain rod 3-6 inches past the width of the window frame. This will make the room feel warm and inviting while still maximizing the amount of natural light that comes in.
  6. Avoid clutter. Too many pieces of furniture or decor can make your living room feel cluttered and imbalanced. Keep it simple and think quality over quantity. If you have kids, don't underestimate the power of cute storage baskets like these. 

Here are the details and associated links to our living room and mantel. Hope you enjoy! 




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